Yvoire, a  lovely medieval bourg, ideally situated on the expanse separating the “little lake” from the “great lake” of Lake Leman, still possesses some of the essential elemants of the fortifications of the 14th Century : the castle, doors, ramparts… Yvoire is next to Evian (the famous water from the Alps) and approximately 1h30 by …

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duck fleas

Duck fleas

Because our lake has pure waters, it also welcome little animals…even those we do not want…like Duck fleas! Swimmer’s itch, also known as lake itch, duck itch, cercarial dermatitis and schistosome cercarial dermatitis is a short-term immune reaction occurring in the skin of humans that have been infected by water-borne schistosomatidae. Symptoms, which include itchy, …

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le sapaudia

Le Sapaudia

Le Sapaudia is a lovely Italian Restaurant in Annecy Old Town. They have a nice terrasse and a lot of spaces inside too, be aware that if you go for Lunch on a market day (Tuesday, Friday or Sunday), you will have some little vans driving next to it. Not so peaceful but still nice …

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