Ramoneur Savoyard

In the XIX century, le ramoneur Savoyard was traveling all over France to work and escape the poverty here. Chimney sweeping was not well paid, but the families had many children and they had to accept it. They were usually departing on Saint Gras day (September 7th) and coming back home the next year at …

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Eco Bivouac Semnoz

Last week end I went to the “Eco Bivouac village in Semnoz” and it is such a lovely relaxing place! They are open during the summer or the winter (bivouac + igloos). You could spend the evening there, enjoy the activities (snow walking, astronomy, listen to accordion….) and the diner and then go back home …

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Below a post about the different cartoonist available in the area. A caricature in Annecy like in Montmartre in Paris? You will find the artists in July and August, cartoonists are next to the Rampe du Château at the Place des Efléchères near the Crêperie Bolée in the Old Town. 15€ per kid or 20€ …

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supermarkets annecy

Supermarkets in Annecy

Supermarkets in or near Annecy:     Below you will find the full list of supermarkets or hypermarkets in the area http://supermarches.grandes-enseignes.com/74-haute-savoie/74010-annecy.php  Auchan in Grand Epagny 74330 Epagny is probably the biggest in the area, it is also surrounded by a lot of other shops and restaurants. Big free parking but can be crowded during …

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Opinel knife

 The traditional Opinel knife has a beechwood handle and a high carbon steel blade. Opinel is a company that has manufactured and marketed a line of self-named knives since 1890 from its headquarters in St Jean de Maurienne (Savoie), where the family run company also operates a museum dedicated to its knives. The company sells …

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