The Paret = the sledge from the Aravis It is a wooden sledge handmade by the locals. It was traditionally used by kids from Manigod (since 1900) to go to school on a snowy day. Now, the sledge is still the same but used for fun. During the winter season, you can try it in …

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patois savoyard

Patois Savoyard

The “patois savoyard” belongs to the family of the “franco-provençal”, it is the local dialect of Savoie. It was then not written and changing from village to village and valley to valley. The Patois Savoyard is mostly used by the old generation in the country side, but some words are still used in every day’s …

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crazy goat

Crazy Goat Drink

“La Chèvre” is French for Goat! But what is the history? This is a traditional drink made in the French Alps, with the recipe being carefully passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally “La Chèvre” was made in 80kg traditional barrels by fermenting apple juice. Special barrels were needed to withstand the high pressure of …

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