Hike Pointe Percée

Hike Pointe Percée

In this post, you will find photos of a Hike to Pointe Percée (Pierced Peak, so named because of this hole), I did not do it but a friend did agreed to share his photos with you.

Hiking to the refuge is accessible to all but going further you will need to be an expert or be with one!

The Gramusset Hut is located right beneath the Point Percée, the highest point of the Aravis Mountains (2750m). Start from Col des Annes Pass, which is surrounded by alpine pastures and is the birthplace of the area’s famous farmhouse Reblochon cheese.

Trailhead: Col des Annes Pass. Starting elevation: 1721m Maximum elevation: 2164m Roundtrip out and back. Difficulty: difficult!

Départ au Col des Annes
Vallée du Bouchet 74450 Le Grand-Bornand
Departing from : Le Grand-Bornand (74450)
Latitude : 45.970481 – Longitude : 6.524377

You can enjoy this hike from spring to fall, depending on the snow conditions and weather.

For more details regarding a Hike to Pointe Percée https://www.savoie-mont-blanc.com/en/walking/hike-to-the-pointe-percee-hut-320989/

De la Tête des Annes au col de l’Oulettaz, panorama ouvert à la fois sur la vallée du Reposoir, les vallées du Grand-Bornand et les sommets des Aravis. Puis la verdure laisse place à un décor minéral surprenant de lapiaz jusqu’au refuge. Variante : retour possible par la ferme du Planet puis le col de Borneronde