La Bicyclette Rose

La Bicyclette Rose is the perfect place for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch in Annecy center not far from Bonlieu center. One morning I had no time to go home for breakfast and I was starving so I went to this lovely cosy place for breakfast. The owner is really nice, it was freezing outside and she let me in 5 min earlier before the opening.

The products are fresh and mostly organics and locals.

For breakfast, you can enjoy bread with local jams/butter, some pastries, eggs, bacon, cheese, yogurts, French toasts…

Also delicious cookies, brookies, pancakes for tea time.

The brunch is very good too with different dishes (some fine for vegans), lasagna, soups, salads, pies

There is a brunch formula available for 20€

They do not take reservation so try to get there before rush hour.

You can also go there for brunch, lunch or tea time.
For more information regarding La Bicyclette Rose:
They is also La Balançoire in Aix les Bains which belong to La Bicyclette Rose.
Enjoy a meal before strolling around the Old Town
or a perfect stop while shopping in the area (not far from the shopping streets like Carnot, Vaugelas and Courrier center).