cochon oreille

Le Cochon à l’oreille

Cochon à l'oreille Restaurant

With a friend I tried Le Cochon à l’oreille, in the Old Town near the Thiou and Palais de l’Isle (near the taverne Maitre Kanter).

And it was a nice surprise!

They have a big collection of pigs (decoration) inside and outside, it is quite funny.

The terrasse is really nice, quiet and has a bar as well.

The dishes of course are mainly with pork (pot au feu au cochon, tartiflette, choucroute, cochon farci, ragout….) but you will also find some fish dish or salads.

The food is of good quality, the service is friendly and fast in a really nice place.

A perfect restaurant off the touristic path in the middle of the Old Town of Annecy with typical French dishes.

Perfect for a family lunch on a rainy day!

An example of the formule du mois for 20€

(1 entrée + 1 plat) ou (1 plat + 1 dessert)

Les Entrées de la formule :

*La soupe de potiron

*Les 6 escargots

*Le Persillé de cochon

Les plats de la formule :

*Tartiflette (salade et charcuterie)

*Pavé de truite au beurre blanc

*Diots au vin blanc

Les desserts aux choix

Fondant au chocolat ,Tarte aux fruits

Crème brûlée,Fromage blanc, Glace 2 boules

Bon appétit au cochon à l’oreille!

Pigs in Annecy

cochon oreille