Little touristic train

This little touristic train will pick you up or drop you off at the Pont des Amours, Imperial Beach and Bonlieu center.

With a departure every 30 minutes, you have the day to discover.

It started in 1983 so it is now like a tradition to use it for fun to reach the other part of the city.

It is really safe as not going on the road itself and not going fast.

Ideally located, the point of departure and arrival of the Imperial offers a gateway to the Imperial gardens and beach (entrance fee). Enjoy an exceptional view over Lake Annecy and its mountains. Browse through the botanical gardens and discover the bird park. Or walk a little further to Albigny beach.

Located near downtown, Bonlieu is the cultural center of Annecy. Bonlieu houses the vast library of the city, a theater and the tourist office. You will be at the gates of the old town.

The train runs along the canal to reach the bridge of love. It links between the beautiful gardens of Europe and the Pâquier. See my post on “Lover’s Bridge”.

You can ride the little touristic train any time to continue to visit Annecy. Enjoy your return ticket at any time.

You can also book online.

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ONEWAY : 4 €

CHILDREN UNDER 6 years old : 3 €