Museum HR Giger

The HR Giger Museum in Gruyère (between the lake of Geneva and Fribourg) is the permanent home of an impressive collection of the work of the Swiss surrealist HR Giger, the Academy Award winning designer of the “Alien” in Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking films.

It is 2 hours by car from Annecy, not really recommanded for kids as bit strange (we took ours but explained to them a few things before and it was ok!).

HR Giger was a real artist for Aliens but to be honest he must have been a strange guy to create all that, it is an unusual Museum but still interesting!

In front of the Museum, you will find a bar decorated with the same style as the Museum, we enjoyed a nice cocktail there, we had fun there on the turning bones chairs despite the weird atmosphere but at least something different! A good activity on a rainy day during your stay in the Alps.

To learn more about the Museum HR Giger, please check their website–e-H-R–Giger

Also to visit in the Gruyère area, the lovely médieval village, the Castle, the Gruyère Cheese factory and the Cailler chocolate factory.

HR Giger’s grave is down the village in the local cemetery.