Photos of Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam for 3 short days and I really enjoyed it! A lovely town with lots to see! Fun to stroll around the canals! My favorite moment was the visit of Anne Franck’s house, very touching! Here are a few photos of Amsterdam and some little tips about this trip!

French fries with Gouda cheese and the famous pancakes! Nothing good for the diet but perfect to fight the cold weather!

At the Adam tour, you have a lovely view on the city, and if you are brave enough you can try the swing on top of the building! Lots of fun!

Visit also the Van Gogh Museum, quite amazing paintings and you also learn more about the artist

Visit the Gassan, Diamonds shop, they will tell you a lot about diamonds and show you some, plus free hot drinks!

At Bier Fabriek, taste the local beers and throw away some peanuts skins around the table before enjoying a roast chicken. Something different and crazy!

Try one café Brun for the typical atmosphere with a glass of local Gin.

Don’t miss the flower market with the tulips!

Bikes everywhere!

Do not hesitate to visit the North of Amsterdam (free ferry from Central station), lovely street arts and hangar

Above the famous Anne Franck
You have Easyjet flights from Geneva to Amsterdam so very cheap if you book in advance, if you need a taxi to drive you from Annecy to Geneva airport please do not hesitate to contact me