Servion Zoo

Servion Zoo is approximately 1h30 from Annecy, in Switzerland. Siberian tigers, panthers from snowy regions and other rare animals live among small colourful primates in the enchanting setting of Servion Zoo, the only zoo in french speaking Switzerland to house Nordic big cats. On the edge of the forests of Jorat, along an educational trail dotted with shady areas, discover fascinating, protected fauna all year around.

A large free park, restaurant and fun play areas (all with disabled access) are available.

They are open every day from 9h until 19h in the summer and 18h in the winter, dogs are not allowed in.

They have a lot of winter animals who are more active in the winter so winter is also a good time to visit the zoo.

You also have more chances to see the animals early in the morning.

Check their website for the latest updates

On their website you will also find some useful informations about the feeding time of some animals (which is really useful are some of them are hiding)

We were very lucky to see all of them and the 3 baby bears! The kids loved it and it a nice walk in the forest, a good idea of day trips from Annecy!

We stopped there on our way back from Gruyère,