Snowy Photos

You will find here Snowy and winter photos of the area taken with my mobile. Below photos of Veyrier du Lac embarcadère with some snow.

Below 2 photos of St Martin de Belleville (ski resort in the 3 valleys)

below photos of Oratoire and Chappelle de Lésine in the Bauges Mountains

Yes, you can even have fun and ring the bell of the Chapelle! Perfect little hike with kids.

Lake Annecy in 1890 with a few postcards


In 1890, you could ice skate on the lake! This looks amazing but must have been really cold then!

Nowadays it is not possible anymore!

Here are a few photos of Lake Annecy and the snow in 2019!

Below a photo of sunrise in Avoriaz

Below photos of Talloires

Below some photos of Plateau des Glières


Above and below, photos at the Chéran river (after Cusy) in the Bauges area.

Above the Tours St Jacques

Below view from the Semnoz

Below Annecy Lake during the winter

Below Tresserve near Aix les Bains and Lac du Bourget

Enjoy the AMAZING VIEW from Col de la Forclaz, the view from there is always surprising all time of the year!

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Frozen étangs de Crozagny 

Photos taken when the étangs de Crozagny (St Félix) were frozen!

You could even walk on it as it was really frozen!!!

A few brave bees flying around….

First snow in Semnoz on Sunday November 22nd!

It was cold -5°C but so nice to see the snow again! 

 photo view from Semnoz
 I went for a sunny walk in the snow, was wonderful and took some photos with my mobile.