Bike rental Places

Below are a few Bike rental Places in or around Annecy (in the summer it is wiser to book them in advance). Get ready for tour du lac or going up one of the wonderful mountain around here.

* Vélonecy, the city official bike rental place (from the train station)

* Takamaka is probably the outdoor sports specialist in Annecy (paragliding, hot air ballons, via ferrata, quad, canyoning, rafting, water skkiing and many mores!)

They can also organize activities for groups or special event

* Roul’ ma poule, 2 shops in Marquisats and Albigny (they also rent rollers, paddle boards, kayak…)

On their webiste, you can also find some maps of bike circuits

* Pédal’ douce, they can deliver your bike to your hotel or camping

* Alps bike rental (bikes for professional)

* Conty Loc in St Jorioz, free parking

* Cyclabe, 2 shops in the center

* Cycles Toinet in Sévrier

* Base Camp in Talloires, they can also organize tours with a guide

* Mini-Golf next to Imperial Palace

* Sassa

* Rent my bike

* VTT Annecy


Know you know about bike rental places in Annecy, you are ready to go! If you are a débutant, better start tour du lac via Veyrier (that way Talloires will be down hill). If you are doing it with young kids maybe safer to just to half of the lake (Annecy/Sévrier/St Jorioz/Doussard) straight and flat with better bike path. Wear helmets for your own safety. You can also take the bus with your bike up to Semnoz mountain during school holidays.