Monchus Map

The Monchus Map is a map according to Savoyards This post is specially for Marty (my favourite Monchu)! In Patois Savoyards, Monchus means Monsieur, but this was the nickname of the well dressed Parisians tourists. This is a joke…so do not take it seriously… Monchus sympas = nice people Monchus attardés = mentally retarded person …

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Reblochon Cheese

Reblochon is a French cheese from the Alps produced in the region of Savoy (departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie) and has been granted the AOC title in 1958. Reblochon was first produced in the Thônes and Arly valleys, in the Aravis massif near Annecy, on the way to La Clusaz. Thônes remains the centre of …

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