la bolée

La Bolée

If you fancy a crêpe (pancake) or an ice cream in Annecy , you will find three ” La Bolée” restaurants in Annecy. The crêpes are excellent and the service is really fast. You can have one galette (with buckwheat) as a main course (with ham, cheese, egg etc) and sweet ones too. Enjoy a …

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le sapaudia

Le Sapaudia

Le Sapaudia is a lovely Italian Restaurant in Annecy Old Town. They have a nice terrasse and a lot of spaces inside too, be aware that if you go for Lunch on a market day (Tuesday, Friday or Sunday), you will have some little vans driving next to it. Not so peaceful but still nice …

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The Trinquette

The Trinquette is what we call in France a Guinguette. A Guinguette used to be a place where people eat and sometimes dance, it was a cheap place and the name came from Guinguet (a cheap white wine). It is now used to describe a place outside where you can eat and feel like being …

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