Gruyères Castle

Located at the top of the town of Gruyères, Gruyères Castle is the former residence of the count and tells eight centuries of art, history and legends. From the ramparts to the French gardens, from the Guards room to the romantic lounges, the Castle takes you on an unforgettable adventure. Gruyère is in Switzerland, approximately 2h30 from Annecy but it is an easy drive via the Swiss motorway, it can be an excellent idea of day trips in the Alps. Also perfect with kids. There is also a fun game for kids during the visit, they have to find different animals during the tour!

We really enjoyed our visit and the walk in the beautiful gardens!

Mentioned in the archives for the first time in 1244, the castle is the principal home of one of the leading noble families in western Switzerland during the Middle Ages: the counts of Gruyère. Built in the 13th century, it is constructed in the form of a “carré savoyard”, a military design developed by the House of Savoy, of whom the counts are vassals. It is protected by an almost square enclosure flanked by a keep, a tower and small overhanging turrets at the corners.

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