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Supermarkets in Annecy

Supermarkets in or near Annecy:


Below you will find the full list of supermarkets or hypermarkets in the area

 Auchan in Grand Epagny 74330 Epagny is probably the biggest in the area, it is also surrounded by a lot of other shops and restaurants. Big free parking but can be crowded during week ends.
 Géant Casino avenue Aix les Bains in 74600 Seynod

You have some shops around it too, usually less people than in Auchan.

Carrefour 134 avenue de Genève Annecy, is more central, easy to access by bus.


Leclerc 620 route des creuses 74960 Cran Gevrier

Those big hypermarkets also have a petrol station next to them, cheaper than Esso or Total for example.


You also have some supermarkets like Monoprix (in Courier or in the Old Town) open from 8h until 20h from Monday to Saturday. They offer good quality products. You can also find some international products. Convenient as really central.


Those open on Sundays:

Petit Casino 2 rue des fleurs 74000 Annecy (near Cran) is open on Sunday from 7h30 until 12h30.

Casino 50 avenue du Parmelan 74000 Annecy (near Galeries Lafayette) is open on Sunday from 8h30 until 11h45.

Carrefour city 14 avenue de chambéry 74000 Annecy (near the train station) or Carrefour City 25 avenue du stade 74000 Annecy (near the stadium) are open on Sunday from 9h until 13h.

Franprix 7 rue de l’annexion 74000 Annecy (near the Old Town) open on Sunday from 8h until 13h

You can also find some hard discounters like Lidl or Aldi in Seynod.


You also have “Grand Frais” ( 18 rue Zanaroli 74600 Seynod or rue de la Mandallaz in Epagny) which is like a big market with a lots of fresh and exotic products.


Also do not forget the outside markets in town (see previous post on it)

supermarkets annecy