Why my business is called Taxi Massingy?

Why my business is called Taxi Massingy? As many might think, Massingy is not my last name. In order to be a taxi driver, I had to do a 2 months training and get a “diploma” then I needed to have a licence in a village or city. My grand parents living in Massingy, I first thought about this lovely village and the mayor nicely helped me to settle my business there.

This village has about 900 inhabitants and the “chef lieu” is 500 m high and if sunny has a beautiful view on Mont Blanc and the Alps.
It is 25 km away from Annecy, 20 km from Aix-les-Bains and 5 km from Rumilly.

Massingy is a wonderful place to walk or ride your bike, you have few paths to explore ( https://www.savoie-mont-blanc.com/offre/recherche/promenade-et-rando/23/~massingy~~~~~~~~/(page)/1 )
At the “Mollard” you have a small chappelle and an orientation table which gives you the name of the mountains you can see.

If you are going to Aix-les-Bains after or the “Chautagne area” you can drive through “col de la Chambotte”, it is really a narrow road but the view on the top is fantastic, also the “Belvédère Restaurant” is amazing!

If you need taxi or some informations about the village please do not hesitate to contact me https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/taxi-annecy-geneve/



And you can also find Mushrooms and Chestnuts in Massingy!

The black mushrooms called Trompettes de la mort are lovely for omelettes, into the Fondue or in a Gratin!