Annecy'Venetian Carnival

Annecy’s Venetian Carnival

Annecy'Venetian Carnival

One of the major event of the sping is the Annecy’s Venetian Carnival! Annecy’s nickname is the “the Little Venice of the Alps” because of the historical center and canals. So ARIA (Association Rencontre Italie Annecy) is organizing every year a beautiful Carnival end of February or beginning of March.

About 350 masks will parade in silence in the Old Town or Pâquier and will do a catwalk in the Jardin de l’Europe.

Be attentive, as sometimes, they are hiding in some small narrow streets!

No one knows who’s hiding behind these masks and these splendid and mysterious costumes that perfectly match with the colour of town’s walls.

It is beautiful and there is like an Italian atmosphere in Annecy!

For three days, several hundred masks from all over Europe parade and pose in the streets of the old town, by the lake, on Le Pâquier field, in the Jardins de l’Europe gardens or along the canals, in customary silence. Everyone vies to have the most colourful and eye-catching costume, and to display the most decorations and creativity. Many are inspired by characters from the Commedia dell’arte, like Harlequin with his black mask and diamond-patterned suit. Others opt for the classic white, decorated mask with a feathered hat and beaded outfit.

Do not forget your cameras and enjoy Annecy’s Venetian Carnival!

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