Croziflette's recipe



Below Croziflette’s recipe in 40 minutes! The croziflette is a local winter speciality! Because of our Italian influence we also make pasta here, the Crozets are some squared Savoyardes Pasta. It is a bit like a Tartiflette but replacing the potatoes with pasta. You can find the Crozets pasta in all local supermarkets and food shops.

To make your Croziflette you need:

– 300 g of Crozets au Sarrasin

– 200 g lardons or cured ham

– 20 cl fresh cream

– 1 onion

– 1 reblochon

– salt and pepper

Put the Crozets in salted boiling water for 20 min (like pasta).

In a frying pan, brown the lardons and onion and at the last minute add the cream just for one minute.

Drain the crozets, add salt and pepper, also add the lardons, onion and cream.

Put in a oven dish, cut the reblochon in half (so you have 2 rounds), and put it on top of the crozets, and leave it in oven for 20 minutes! And it is Heaven but not diet!!!

You can also add a small glass of white wine to the Croziflette.

Serve it with local ham, sausages and maybe a green salad!

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