Aosta Italy

During the 2019 Christmas holiday, we went to Aosta, Italy to discover the Italian side of Mont Blanc.

From Annecy, it takes approximately 2 hours drive, the fastest is to use the Mont Blanc tunnel, the crossing is very expensive, check the rates on the website, it is cheaper to buy a card for 10 trips in 2 years (often shared with the family or friends).

Aosta Valley, is the smallest county of Italy, located North West with a border with France and Switzerland. This area surrounded by Majestic moutains from the Alps, the Cervin, the Mont Rose, the Gran Paradiso, the Mont-Blanc (roof of the old continent).

In the first century before Christ, after defeating the native population, the Romans began to urbanise the conquered territory: they organised the land, charted the road networks, connecting the Little and Great Saint Bernard Alpine passes with the The Consular road to Gaul and founded the town of Augusta Praetoria (Aosta). This is how the five centuries of Roman rule began in the Aosta Valley.

Enjoy a tour of the city with its historical and cultural beauties, the shopping and the local restaurants.

During the Christmas holiday, a beautiful Christmas market with things not made in China in the historical center, an ice rink on the big square and a magical alpine atmopshere.

Local specialities of Aosta, Italy are mostly the local cheese and cold mear, also chestnuts, wall nuts without forgetting the mountain wine.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you need a taxi from Annecy to Aosta