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Lake Como

End of April, we went to Lake Como (North Italy), the lake is very beautiful, different from Lake Annecy, it has a mediteranean feel with all the exotic flowers, trees and the Italian colours are lovely. Unfortunately, the weather was not so great during our 3 days stay but we still enjoyed it very much. […]

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bard fort

Bard’s Fort

Bard’s fort overlooks Aosta Valley, Italy, 50 km away from Aosta (see my post). We parked next to the train station, then we took the free lift to the fort (it can be very busy so you might have to wait a while). Bard’s fort is more a cultural center than a fort itself to

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Aosta Italy

During the 2019 Christmas holiday, we went to Aosta, Italy to discover the Italian side of Mont Blanc. From Annecy, it takes approximately 2 hours drive, the fastest is to use the Mont Blanc tunnel, the crossing is very expensive, check the rates on the website, it is cheaper to buy a card for 10

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Cinque Terre

In September 2019, some American customers asked me to drive them from Annecy to Cinque Terre with my taxi. The trip was lovely but quite long so I booked a room in Vernazza in order to get some sleep and enjoy Italian food before coming back home to Annecy. I really enjoyed those colored villages

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