diots savoie

Diots de Savoie

Diots de Savoie


The diots are some sausages from Savoie. They can be plain sausages, smoked or with some cabbage. It also has nutmeg in it.

It is pronounced diau.

Before they were made during the autumn, when the farmers were killing the pigs and stocking food for the winter.


You can grill them, but traditionnally they are boiled with white or red wine with onions.

Enjoy them with some Apremont or Mondeuse wine.

You can have them with boiled potatoes, crozets (Savoy Pasta) or polenta.

During the summer, you can eat them cold with mustard.


Below is a traditional recipe, but you can find more on the net:

Diots au vin blanc

* 8 diots

* 75 cl of white wine of Savoie of course!

* 2 onions

* 2 spoons of flour

* butter

Fry the sausages with butter.

In a saucepan, fry the sliced onions, then add the flour, the wine and the sausages.

Cook for approximately 45 min.

There is a local saying: “En Savoie, on a pas de pétrole mais on a les diots! Et des idées pour les idiots”

“In Savoy we do not have petrol but we have the diots! and some ideas for the idiots”

For more information http://www.je-crois-en-diots.com/html/espritdiot.htm