Cows and Goats of Savoie

Cows and Goats of Savoie

In order to make those lovely local cheeses we have some local and rustic animals who will be fine in the mountains hills.

They also need to be ok with the alpine weather even if they are staying inside the farms during winter.

They can climb in the beautiful hills in order to find the best food for them.

* L’Abondance

From the Abondance valley, color Acajou but white head, legs, belly and tale.

It often has some kind of brown glasses around her eyes which protects her from the sun.

It is the emblem of the Reblochon and Abondance cheese.

* La Montbéliarde

This cow is from Jura but can also be found in the North Alps and Massif Central.

It is white with brown stains.

* La Tarine

From the Tarentaise in Savoie. It is has hazel body with darker eyes, like if it had mascara on…a beautiful cow…French style lol

It can be found in Tarentaise, Maurienne, Beaufortain, Bauges and Aravis.

It is the emblem of the Beaufort and Tome des Bauges.

* The Alpine Goat and Goat of Savoie

From Savoie and has all it needs to walk in the mountains and it produces excellent milk for good quality cheese.

* The different seasons for them

– during the winter, they stay in the farms until the snow and cold is gone. The farmers feed them with hay

– during spring the grass grow really fast with the heat and humidity left from winter

– during the summer, the animals go in the fields in the valley or in the mountains. The farmers are preparing some hay for the winter

– during the fall the farmers are preparing the fields for the winter, collecting corn or other cereals

If you drive around on mountain or country side roads, keep an eye open as you might see cows and goats of Savoie!
If they are in a park, you can try to touch them, they are usually curious but do not walk inside the park.
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