Gorges du Fier, Lovagny

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The Fier is one of the main river in Haute-Savoie.

It is coming down from Mont Charvin then going through Thônes, Annecy and ending in the Rhône next to Seyssel. In Lovagny (10 km away from Annecy), you can visit the Gorges where it carved an impressing canyon.

Since 1869, the gorges can be visited by the public using a 252 meters long passerelle, hanging 25 meters above the river.
You will walk inside the canyon with the Fier below  and enjoy seeing rocks of different forms, shades, you can also use your imagination to see faces or animals.
You will also discover a lot of Marmites de Géants (big stone holes) carved in the river during millenium years.
Half way on the passerelle against the rock wall, a ladder will show you the height reached during the big floodings.

The visit ends when the gorges du Fier gets wider on the Mer des rochers, lapiaz rocks where it takes back its river shape.
This flat easy walk is well secured but can be impressing (people suffering from vertigo should avoid it!) Also avoid with small children, animals not allowed. Bad weather conditions should not stop you from going as the rain makes the scenery even wilder, also a place to visit in the fresh shade during the hot summer days.

Free parking and you can also visit Montrottier Castle in Lovagny (see my other post)

Do not go swimming after the site, it looks nice but very dangerous!



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