Jardins Secrets

Jardins Secrets in Vaulx, discover this unexpected colorful garden in the country side, approximately 25 min drive from Annecy center. Vaulx is located between Rumilly and Annecy, the gardens are a mosaic of Baroque gardens.

It is still owned by the family who started it (just for fun), the Moumen’s family and it covers 7000m2.

In 1980, Nicole and Alain Moumen bought this farm with its land, using old traditional techniques, they restored it and made it bigger and bigger.

It is open to the public since 1992 and the children, grand children are still helping there to make it even bigger.

They won a few prizes like “Jardin Remarquable” in 2018.

You can visit the garden of course but also a few rooms.

You can also enjoy mint tea and beignets made by Alain himself.

It is a lovely break from the city and a lovely trip to North Africa or Spain.

It is closed during the winter and you will need a car to get there but it is quite easy to find, just follow the signs.

For more informations: https://www.jardins-secrets.com/Informations-pratiques_r5.html

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