île aux cygnes

L’île aux cygnes

L’île des Cygnes in Annecy is a must see at all seasons.

Annéciens call it l’île aux cygnes, it is a small articial island (less than 30 meters of diameter) in front of Jardins de l’Europe (behind the City Hall, next to the Lovers Bridge).

This island is just full of trees, bushes and greens, a perfect place for swans, ducks and all kind of birds!

It was built in 1854 (and got an extension in 1859) next to the Thiou river exit/entrance and the Canal de Vassé.

Because of the waves of the lake it was enhanced in 1883.

In front of it, you will find the statue of Berthollet and a sundial.
The first 2 couples of swans were given by Geneva City in 1857 and by the Maison de Savoie (Turin, Italy).

Those swans started to use the island as their home sweet home.

Nowadays you can find swans all over the lake but some of them still live there specially during the winter season.

You can get closer to the island with a pédalo, but I will suggest you to leave them in peace specially at the beginning of the spring….

It is a perfect photo spot with the mountains in the back!

Some crows are using the island for the night, and giving a nice wake up concert in the early morning before flying to the Semnoz for the day.

Next to the Swan’s island, you will enjoy the Lover’s Bridge https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/pont-des-amours/
île aux cygnes