pont des amours

Pont des Amours

pont des amours

Le pont des Amours, Lover’s Bridge is the best spot to take wonderful photos!

It is said, that before, it was a meeting point for prostitutes, but I prefer the Legend which says that lovers who kiss in the middle of the Bridge will be together forever!

The Bridge allows you to go from Jardin de l’Europe to the Pâquier, passing over the Thiou river which is entering the city.

in 1845, a wooden bridge was built for people to admire the view. In 1859, Claude Grandchamp rebuilt one in cast iron, but this was expensive to maintain and disturbing the boats.

So in 1907, le Pont des Amours was replaced by an iron bridge made by Charles Galletto.

Do not miss this symbol of Annecy from where you can enjoy the view on the lake and the Ile aux Cygnes (Swan Island).


Sometimes the Bridge has some led lights at night and it is amazing with the clear waters underneath!

The nearest parkings are Hotêl de ville or Bonlieu but you will have to walk there as for pedestrians only.

It is very busy in the summer so maybe try early morning if you wish to enjoy the view in peace.