roc de chère

Roc de Chère

roc de chère

Roc de Chère is a natural reserve located between Menthon st Bernard and Talloires and it is overlooking Annecy. It is at the limit of the big and small lake.

Its 68 hectares are occupied by small forest animals, birds, frogs and lots of flowers and plants.

You will see some beautiful cliffs (up to 70 m) falling into the lake.

It is also next to the Talloires golf (use the first parking on your right after leaving Menthon St Bernard).

You can also hike there from Menthon, there is a path after the Palace.

Chère means “rock” (but chère is not often understood nowadays) so the name is repeated “Roc de Chère”.

It used to be kept by the Monks of Talloires Abbaye. It is a natural reserve since 1978 and now 35% of it belongs to the Conservatoire du littoral et des rivages lacustres.

The old glacier which used to occupy the area left there a peat bog.

The panorama is beautiful from there, between lake and mountains!

It is perfect for a little hike with all the family and amazing photos!

Very good for dog walks (just be careful with ticks).

I am sorry for the quality of the photos but I am not a professional photographer and I am only using my mobile to share this moment with you.

Below the photos of Roc de Chère

Below photos of Menthon St Bernard Castle