ostrich farm

Ostrich Farm

ostrich farm
The Ostrich Farm is in Hauteville-sur-Fier, a little village 14 km from Annecy and 7km from Rumilly.

The farm is in a peaceful place in the country side next to the river Fier, it has been restored and is a nice stone house.An old mill is now the boutique. At the Ostrich Farm you can find from 60 to 110 ostriches…

The story started in 1994 with a couple of ostriches who were 3 weeks old. The passion of Mr. Cavazza pushed him to go further and open Autrucheland.

Since then, those South African ostriches live in a park in the farm.

When adults, the male are black and the female grey.

The average weight is 120kg.

They can run up to 75 km/h.

The weather here is not cold as in South Africa it can be 40 but at night it can go down to -10°C.

The animals are killed when 14 months old so you can also buy eggs, meat, feathers, sausages or pâté at the shop.

Also at the farm you can do trout fishing in a pond.

There is also a beautiful garden with over 200 varieties of irises (May being the best time of the year to see them).

Free entrance every day from 14h until 18h during school holidays or on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday the rest of the year.



1046 chemin du Moulinet

74150 Hauteville sur Fier

Tel / Fax : 04 50 60 59 22 – Port : 06 25 87 21 4806 25 87 21 48