scare crows forest

Scare Crows Forest

Discover the scare crows forest, a wonderful walk in the forest and discover a magical world of fun and games of all kinds, giant maze, exposure of the Little People, Animal Park and many other surprises prepared by the little people!

At every turn, discover all the wonderful world of scarecrows, these strange creatures that inhabit the forest in summer. Go through their village, the enchanted forest and village birds, without waking the sleeping giant!

Spend a peaceful and fun day in the heart of a green forest of 8 acres, dotted with green and shady, small ponds and landscaped … inhabited by many animals.

Take time to listen runoff Nant disorder which crosses the site, the songs of birds and observe the many flowers and other plant species.

Take time to have fun with family and friends through a great treasure hunt that will guide you in this wonderful world.

Attention! Many challenges await you: find your way through the giant maze, win the game of Mikado or giant snakes and ladders scale, and many more surprises for great moments of laughs.

The Petit Pays is 20 minutes away from Annecy or Geneva (in the middle of both), by car take A41 sortie 18, A40 sortie 13, RN201 then follow the signs, on top of Mont Sion.

They also have Santa Claus next door!

In July 2018 we spent the afternoon at the Scare Crows forrest in Andilly, it is a magical park and really a fun place for all. Perfect activity in the summer under the shade of the trees. Enjoy!

Every summer, rural creatures move to their summer quarters, in the forest of Andilly. Indeed, amusing and touching scarecrows invade every corner of this 12 hectares forest, strewed with green spaces rich of hundred of vegetable varieties and fitted out by small ponds.

Let yourself be drawn into a treasure hunt that will captivate the whole family and that will guide you towards other exciting big games : giant labyrinth, giant snakes and ladders, giant Mikado…

The children can let off steam by taking part in activities such as wheelbarrow race, musical village where they will be asked to produce a maximum of sounds through strange instruments…

There is also a farm with animals you can watch.

The Scare crows Forest is located in “La forêt des Moulins” (20 minutes from Annecy and Geneva, in the direction of Cruseilles).

You can also use the little cars and drivers Inside the park who can take you from one point to another.

Check the show timetable before getting there.

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scare crows forest