View from Semnoz MountainThe Semnoz is Anneciens’s big garden and playground only 30 min away. I learned nordic skiing there, went on summer camp, picked up mushrooms, did snow walking, pik niked, hiked… Semnoz belongs to the Bauges Massif, it is 16 km long and Crêt du Châtillon is 1699 m high.From the top of Crêt de Châtillon, where you can find an orientation table, it is possible to admire different mountains: Parmelan, Dents de Lanfon, pointe Percée, Mont Blanc, dôme et aiguille du Goûter, Dent du Géant, aiguille du Midi, massif du Beaufortain, mont Pourri, massif des Bauges, massif des Écrins, Dent du Chat, as well as 2 lakes: lac du Bourget and lac d’Annecy.You will have a 360 degrees view!

It is the perfect spot for hiking and pik nik. But you can also ride your bike to the top (or moutain bike), Tour de France went up there in 2013. You have a few climbing spots or parasailing departures. For kids, during the summer there is a summer sledge. You can also buy your cheese in some little chalets. There is also a deer park at Grande Jeanne (on the way up from Annecy).During the winter, it is a family ski resort, perfect for learning but sometimes the snow is missing as it is not so high.During the summer, you will find some chalets owned by farmers who leave their animals (cows or goats) for the season.Before arriving to the top, on your right, you will find the ski departure place and the summer sledge.In July and August you can take a bus from Annecy (5.80€ each way) they offer 6 trips a day for more info check with their office near the trainstation in the big bus roundabout or

But the best is to drive to the top, just before reaching it, stop on the left at the panoramic parking to take a nice photo.

Then park the car next to the Rocher Blanc Restaurant or even a little further.

If you need a taxi to go from Annecy to Semnoz please contact me

photo view from Semnoz

Yesterday I went to Semnoz for a sunny walk in the snow, was wonderful and took some photos with my mobile.