Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools available in Annecy area:

*L’île Bleue in Seynod

This is the newest and my favourite. If you do not have a car, it is easy to get a bus there.

It is an inside pool but with open doors in the summer and a big garden.

You also have 3 pools, one for the babies, for kids and for swimmers.

There is a toboggan and a Jacuzzi.

For more informations https://www.agglo-annecy.fr/france/DT1294129451/page/Centre-nautique-L-%C3%8Ele-Bleue.html

* Piscine des fins Jean Régis in Annecy

2 inside pools next to the Icerink.

For more informations: https://www.agglo-annecy.fr/france/DT1292419987/page/%C3%82%C2%BB-Piscine-Jean-R%C3%83%C2%A9gis.html

* Piscine des Marquisats

Outside swimming pool with a big garden next to the lake.

One Olympic pool, one playing pool, a baby pool…

It is perfect for kids!

For more informations: https://www.agglo-annecy.fr/france/DT1294138711/page/%C3%82%C2%BB-Piscine-en-plein-air-des-Marquisats.html

* Piscine des Dronières in Cruseilles

You will need a car to get there, it is a lovely outside pool in the countryside.

For more informations: http://www.cruseilles.fr/decouvrir-cruseilles/ses-espaces-de-loisirs/aux-dronieres

* Vitam Parc (please see previous post about it) https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/vitam-parc/

Between Annecy and Geneva.

Inside swimming pools like île Bleue, Fins or Vitam Parc can be a very good activity with kids on a rainy day in Annecy area. You often have restaurants inside the pool but lots of outside restaurants near by too.