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Wines from Savoie

 Here is a post about the different wines from Savoie.

2100 hectares of vineyards and 25 grape varieties mostly along the Rhône or Isère Rivers.

You will find 3 kinds of Appelations Régionales:

A few duos (cheese/wine) you can try: Beaufort/Chignin, Reblochon/Jacquère or Mondeuse, Tome des Bauges/Roussette or Mondeuse, Tomme de Savoie/Chasselas or Gamay, Abondance/Crépy, Chevrotin/Roussette, Emmental/ Roussette….

Dry white wines are the best with the local cheeses, red wines are good with cheese too if they are light.


The name Chignin Bergeron is taken from the village of Chignin. Bergeron is the local name of the Roussanne grape variety, from which Chignin-Bergeron wines are made. To be called “Chignin-Bergeron,” the grapes must come from vineyards in the Francin, Montmelian and Chignin communes.

Roussette de Savoie Monterminod – One of the four named crus of the Roussette de Savoie appellation, Monterminod is located above the village of Saint-Alban-Leysse in Savoie. The name “Monterminod” is permitted as part of the appellation title. Monterminod and the other three Roussette de Savoie crus are each distinct in character. Monterminod is the most southerly, with Frangy 30 miles (48km) north. Monthoux and Marestel are roughly halfway in between. The sunny exposure of the steep, rapidly drained south-facing slope give Monterminod an advantage in the cool, alpine climate. Their elevation makes them less susceptible to low-lying frosts and they are sheltered from extreme weather by the surrounding peaks rising to more than 4000ft (1220m). The wines of Monterminod and the other three crus are subject to stringent production conditions, including lower maximum yield and higher minimum alcohol levels than basic Roussette de Savoie wines.


Altesse – Second fermentation of a dry white Jacquère with an Altesse (Roussette)-based liqueur.

Pinot gris – Grape variety for white wine, muted of the Pinot noir. The skin of this grape has a color that can vary from almost black to white and from pale blue to pink. The color of the wine can also have a hint of pink.

Mondeuse – Mondeuse is a red wine with bluish tones.

Mondeuse d’Arbin – Mondeuse d’Arbin is also a red wine from Mondeuse with intense red deep color.

You are welcome to visit the cellars when you see signs along the road!

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savoie wines