Below a post about the different cartoonist available in the area. A caricature in Annecy like in Montmartre in Paris? You will find the artists in July and August, cartoonists are next to the Rampe du Château at the Place des Efléchères near the Crêperie Bolée in the Old Town.

15€ per kid or 20€ per adult
The artists are very friendly and talented! It does not take very long to model and the atmosphere is funny.
You could ask for a family drawing too.

It can be a funny souvenir from Annecy!

There is also Tony the cartoonist, all year around who can come to your private parties or seminaires

Tony worked with Disneyland Paris, Renault, Citroën, onlyLyon, Vinci, Leonidas, RATP…

Also Pauline is fantastic, she has an office in Col de la Forclaz and you can find some of her work in the Tweedle Tea shop in Menthon st Bernard. She draws some funny post cards of the area, bags, tea cups, metal boxes, games, books, water bottles, cushions, lunch boxes…

She can help you to make a personnalized gift or a caricature of yourself or your family.

A perfect gift made localy which will for sure make you smile!