La Clusaz/Beauregard

Below a post about La Clusaz/Beauregard plateau for you to discover during a family hike in Haute-Savoie.

In La Clusaz during the summer, you could take the eggs/cable car to go up to Beauregard. The view on the top is amazing! From there you could hike or just enjoy lunch or ice cream in one of the restaurants.

La Clusaz is about 30 min drive from Annecy, it is a lovely ski resort in the winter and a fresh place for the summer.

You can reach Beauregard plateau from Manigod also (Col de la Croix Fry parking) or from Thônes. But the easiest if you are with small kids will be to take the eggs from La Clusaz. You will find some beautiful old Chalets Savoyards, a view on the Aravis, the Mont Blanc, l’Etale, le Charvin, le Sulens, les Glières and la Tournette !
You will find 2 restaurants on top: les Matins Clairs and the Grizzly.

The word Clusaz comes from cluse which means “passage between two mountains”. There are several explanations for the addition of the “z”:

For aesthetic reasons, the employees of the land registry would have added this letter in order to finish the name of the village by a small arabesque.
We must look for the second explanation from the Franco-Provençal side of which the Savoyard dialect is a part. A “z” was placed after a letter to emphasize that the latter does not pronounce itself, is atonic, which naturally leads to an accentuation of the penultimate syllable. The elders pronounce “La Clus'”.

If you need a taxi from Annecy to La Clusaz/Beauregard please do not hesitate to contact me for a free quote

La Clusaz center and Church

The swimming pool on top of the village with a beautiful view on the Aravis.