Angon waterfall

Angon waterfall is next to Talloires, on the East side of the Lake, on the way up to Col de la Forclaz (see my previous post

From Annecy you have to take the D909, just before Angon take the exit to the left.

The trail starts a little bit further and goes steep up.

Another easier and faster possibility is to drive from Talloires to Verel over the D42. Before Verel center there is a signed trail starts from Chemin de Verel on the right, you will find a parking there and it will take approximately 30 min to reach the waterfall without much up hill walking.

In the middle to the walk there is a nice view point on the lake called “Pont des fées”.

It is possible to nearly walk behind on a man made path in the mountainside.

Angon waterfall is approximately 40 meters high and is fed by 2 small rivers Nant de Grenant and Nant d’Ogy.

At the end of the hike, the path is narrow and can be slippery (even if you have some railings to help you). I will not recommend it for small children (unless you really keep an eye on them) or persons who have walking difficulties.
In this area, you will have plenty to discover, Talloires itself, Col de la Forclaz, Roc de Chère, Hermitage St Germain…