Photos of Lake Annecy

In this post, some photos of Lake Annecy and surroundings, I am using my mobile and I am not a professionnal photographer, I just want to show you the area as it is while I am driving around…and yes I am a lucky girl!


Bolet, I will not say where….lol
col forclaz photo
View from Col de la Forclaz

Tarine cow annecy vieille ville annecy vieille ville

Below are a few photos of Spring 2019 in Annecy!

above col de la Forclaz

Sunset from Veyrier du Lac, my favourite spot in the summer!


Annecy Paysages, one summer the artists were showing their art all around town
 annecy paysages

annecy paysages

Lovers’ Bridge

After some works, the Palace of Menthon St Bernard  has 5 stars now.

It has a huge private park with a stunning view on the lake and an indoor pool, it is only 10 km away from Annecy center…

Above the Menthon St Bernard’s Castle

Below photos from Menthon St Bernard in May

Below photos of Talloires

Below Talloires’s Abbey, be curious, walk in as lovely inside

Enjoy the lovely view from Sévrier in the winter!


Photos by the Fier river, autumn 2017

Another break time for the taxi driver next to the Basilica Visitation
Swan Island

 Below some photos of Summer 2017

Old Jail Above

Drinks with friends in Sévrier “Poisson Rouge” below (Thank you Sabine for the photo!)

view from St Eustache above

Below Photos of the Old jail, the works are finished!!!!

Above ice cream from the Glacier des Alpes (try the Coquelicot flavour!)

Lunch time in Angon with a swan, I know, I have an hard life…

Below the photos of Roc de Chère

Below photos of Menthon St Bernard Castle

A lovely late afternoon in October in Petit Port Albigny…

Veyrier-du-lac is probably the best place around the lake to watch the sunset…

Le Pêcheur restaurant, excellent terrasse to enjoy the last moments of sun! Unfortunately, they do not take reservations… so be there early!

Mont Veyrier

The Castle in the background

Dents de Lanfon

Old Jail

Porte Perrière

Entrance of Annecy’s Castle

View from Col de la Forclaz

Bout du Lac

A few years ago, my favourite customer from Bluffy gave me the honor of being a tour guide for his friends. So I left the taxi to show them our beautiful lake!

If you fancy a boat tour, please use

Cyril and his crew are wonderful!

The Castle

Roc de Chère

The smugglers Grotto

Roselet (swallowed village next to Duingt)

The little lagoon and Semnoz

Imperial Palace and Parmelan above


Dents de Lanfon and Tournette

Menthon St Bernard Castle in the middle

Menthon Palace on the right

Enjoy those wonderful photos taken by Cédric!

Merci Cédric for those beautiful pictures!

The Palace