Eco Bivouac Semnoz

Last week end I went to the “Eco Bivouac village in Semnoz” and it is such a lovely relaxing place! They are open during the summer or the winter (bivouac + igloos). You could spend the evening there, enjoy the activities (snow walking, astronomy, listen to accordion….) and the diner and then go back home or spend the night there.

The bivouac are quite confortables but of course you do not have all the luxury you can find in town, but it makes it even more charming!

The bivouacs have a transparent roof so you can see the stars and the sky!

Each one also have a fire place, a terrasse, a solar light, a confortable matress (but you must bring your duvet or rent one).

The bivouacs are all aoundd the village so you still have some privacy!

You have a lot of games indoors or outdoors for all the family.

When we arrived we received a nice welcome from our host, we had before dinner drinks outside in the bar area (nice local wine or beers, saussisson and cheeses).

The theme that night was accordion, and Joël was fantastic playing different kind of tunes and made us sing and play music too!

Then we had dinner inside a big bivouac restaurant with a lovely fire and candles on the tables, it just felt so warm and cosy!

After we had mashmallows outside on the fire, it was just delicious! While listening to the live music!

Other customers are really nice and friendly, the atmosphere is lovely!

We slept really well in our bivouac, was so much fun, ok I have to agree that it was a bit cold in the morning, but we went for breakfast and warmed up!

Of course after you can enjoy a walk in the Semnoz!

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Below the bivouac


Below the bar

Below the restaurant

Below Joël and his accordion

Below the chamalows

Then a little walk to the chalet Aymonet