Diner in Chanaz

Fancy something different than eating out in Annecy? Try a romantic Diner in Chanaz! Chanaz is a lovely village in Savoie (approximately one hour away from Annecy). To reach Chanaz you can drive through Col de la Chambotte (stop at the Belvedere for the view on lake Bourget). Maybe spend the afternoon touring in Aix-les-Bains area before also possible to go there for lunch.

Chanaz is a the end of Epine mountain and next to the Canal de savières (not far from the Rhône River and lake du Bourget). It is also called the Little Venice of Savoie.

From there you can enjoy a cruise on the Canal de savières and Lake Bourget or enjoy a canoe ride.

If you are there you can also visit the Hautecombe Abbey (15 min away) https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/hautecombe-abbey/, enjoy a swim in the lake in Conjux…

You can also visit the nut oil mill in the village, a chocolate shop and a museum Gallo Roman.

For more info please check http://www.chanaz.fr/

We enoyed Diner at the Relais Gourmand which is a lovely restaurant where you can eat on the Ponton next to the Canal. The service is really good and the food is local and fresh.

Below the menu of our Diner in Chanaz: