Grande Jeanne Park

When leaving Annecy center, follow the directions to Semnoz mountain (City Hall, Marquisats round about on the right, up hill in front of Old Hospital then left at the round about) to reach Grande Jeanne Park. It is about 15 min away by car. It is free and there is a free parking (crowded during the summer).

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There you will find 3 animal parks with some deers and bighorn sheeps, usually approximately 50 animals there. It is trying to provide a place close to the animals’natural environnement and teach kids to respect the nature.

It is forbidden to give them food (most people still do…).

It is also a lovely place to enjoy a pique nique or a good start for a hike.

There is a little hike which takes you to a Belvedère with a view on Seynod.

During the fall you can also pick up some chestnuts there.

If you are look for things to do with kids around Annecy, this is perfect! They will enjoy watching the animals and play around in safe area without cars.

Perfect for a family stop on the way to Semnoz not far from Annecy!

You can also go there by bus during the school holidays