la bolée

La Bolée

If you fancy a crêpe (pancake) or an ice cream in Annecy , you will find three ” La Bolée” restaurants in Annecy.
The crêpes are excellent and the service is really fast.
You can have one galette (with buckwheat) as a main course (with ham, cheese, egg etc) and sweet ones too. Enjoy a bowl of cider with it! Britany tradition!

Crêperie in Annecy

la bolée
la bolée annecy

Crêperie La Bolée

The main authentic restaurant with a terrasse in a shopping street.

41 rue Carnot – 74000 Annecy

Téléphone : 04 50 45 51 95


Crêperie-Glacier, Centre Commercial Carrefour

134 avenue de Genève – 74000 Annecy

Home made organic ice creams
44 rue Carnot – 74000 Annecy

Pancake recipe for 20 crêpes

500g flour
250g sugar
3 eggs
1 l of milk
25g butter
1 sachet vanilla sugar
just a little bit of salt


Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt.

Add the eggs and slowly add half of the milk, mix, then melted butter and finally the other half of the milk.

It is better to leave the preparationto rest for one hour.

You can find special Tefal frying pan for pancakes. You will have to heat them with some oil and wait until very hot before making the crêpes.

Then turn them for a few seconds, you can make them jump if you are brave enough!

Bon appétit!


la bolée