The Trinquette

The Trinquette is what we call in France a Guinguette.

A Guinguette used to be a place where people eat and sometimes dance, it was a cheap place and the name came from Guinguet (a cheap white wine).

It is now used to describe a place outside where you can eat and feel like being on holiday, often Guinguettes are by the water or in camping places. They use plastic tables and chairs and are usually open only during the summer.

The Trinquette in Annecy-le-Vieux have been there for as long as I can remember.

It does not have a view on the lake, but it is just opposite the road.

The French fries are delicious as home made, as well as the pizzas.

You can also enjoy some nice grilled meat or friture du lac (little fried fishes).

The mojitos are also delicious!

Nothing fancy, home made food with a cheap price at the end!

The service is friendly, fast and the summer atmosphere is so nice and relaxing!

They are family and group friendly but the place can be really busy so book in advance.

The Trinquette is the best place for lunch or dinner after spending some time on the public Albigny beach!

It is also possible to use the little chalet at the entrance for take away!