le pâquier

Le Pâquier

Paquier garden Annecy

Le Pâquier is our big garden (7 hectares) from the Jardin de l’Europe to the Impérial Palace, when sunny it is crowded, all generations are there.

Small ones are enjoying the playground, the carroussel, racing with the little bike horses, playing soccer or having an ice cream.

Teenagers are meeting with their friends or lovers and sitting there talking and laughing.

Some others are taking the dog for a walk, some are biking, running, roller blading…

The older ones are sitting on a bench and looking at all this!

The legend says that an old lady gave those garden to the city for the kids to play.

The truth is that, before this place was not loved so much because of its humidity and constant floodings. So it was used as a grazing land, in patois, pâturage (origin of Pâquier).

The Menton family gave some of his land for military to practice and the city bought all the parcels she could.

Le Pont des Amours (Lover’s Bridge, see my other post https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/pont-des-amours/)  is allowing you to go from Jardin de l’Europe to the Pâquier.

In front of Pâquier, you will find “Bonlieu center”: library, theater and tourist office.

A little bit further, the “Préfecture de Haute-Savoie”

Along the Pâquier, you will find avenue d’Albigny with beautiful plane trees taking you to the Impérial Palace, after that it is Annecy-le-Vieux but the Pâquier goes until the “petit port” passing Albigny Beach.

The Pâquier is now hosting sport events, fête du lac, movie festival….

le pâquier