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Cheeses of Savoie

Learn more about the different delicious Cheeses of Savoie. Here are the most important local cheeses: * Abondance A 10 kg round of cheese from a Haute-Savoie valley of the same name, also with some local breed of cows. A little taste of hazelnut and pineapple. * Beaufort A 40 kg round of cheese made …

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diots savoie

Diots de Savoie

Diots de Savoie   The diots are some sausages from Savoie. They can be plain sausages, smoked or with some cabbage. It also has nutmeg in it. It is pronounced diau. Before they were made during the autumn, when the farmers were killing the pigs and stocking food for the winter.      You can …

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savoie wines

Wines from Savoie

 Here is a post about the different wines from Savoie. 2100 hectares of vineyards and 25 grape varieties mostly along the Rhône or Isère Rivers. You will find 3 kinds of Appelations Régionales: A few duos (cheese/wine) you can try: Beaufort/Chignin, Reblochon/Jacquère or Mondeuse, Tome des Bauges/Roussette or Mondeuse, Tomme de Savoie/Chasselas or Gamay, Abondance/Crépy, …

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