Diner Chez la Constance

We had Diner chez la Constance and spent the night at the Refuge at the Glières. The Glières is approximately 40 min drive from Annecy, it became famous during Wolrd War 2 as the resistants were hiding there. You will also find there a memorial monument. https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/glieres/

During the summer, it is a lovely place to go hiking and in the winter it is known for cross country skiing.

In the winter, you have to park next to the monument, then walk approximately 30/40 min to Chez Constance (it is all flat and a lovely walk).

During the day, you can enjoy the terrasse in the sun for lunch or dinner in the chalet.

The speciality here are the “beignets de pommes de terre” (a bit like rostis) with cold cuts and cheese.

Constance herself became famous as the French singer Francis Cabrel wrote a song about her (La dame de Haute Savoie).

Because it is a refuge, you can also sleep there and wake up in a nice quiet place!

I will recommend you to book in advance as this place is well known in the area!

Do not hesitate, if you wish to have a walk in the mountains and enjoy local food for a good price!