La Ferme Charbonnière Restaurant

I enjoyed diner at La Ferme Charbonnière Restaurant with my favourite American Monchus (thanks Karen for the lovely photos!) and a friend and his mum.

 The farm is in Menthon St Bernard, aprroximately 15 min drive from Annecy center, after Veyrier du lac, on the way to Thônes, in front of Menthon st Bernard Castle.

It is better to book in advance, this original and fun restaurant serves products from the farm, local cheese or sausages (so you better like local rich food). After the main meal, you will also get a cheese plate followed by a lovely ice cream. The main dishes are Tomme blanche (which is a bit like a yoghurt, tartiflette, reblochonnade, raclette, diots (sausages) or fondue.

From some tables, you can watch the cows down below through a glass window. In the summer, the cows might be outside.

They have 80 cows giving them 1 300 l of milk every day to make 300 reblochons everyday.

You will find some explanations and details about the life at the farm.


For more information regarding La Ferme Charbonnière Restaurant check their website

This can be the perfect stop during a lake tour Annecy Lake Tour – Taxi Annecy Genève – Taxi Massingy (

 Or after visiting the beautiful Castle