Hermitage St Germain

Hermitage St Germain is 13 km away from Annecy, before reaching Talloires, turn left ‘Col de la Forclaz’, then you will need to take a narrow road on the left, follow the sign “St Germain Church”. The official parking is not easy to reach so follow the sign Parking conseillé which is easier to reach.

It can also be a lovely walk up hill from Talloires.

The St Germain Church (L’Eglise de St Germain) was built in 1780 above the cave where Germain, the first prior of the Abbey of Talloires, lived as a recluse from 1033 to 1060.

You can enter the Church, walk to the Belvedere de la Vierge and visit the cave (down the road from the Church).

From the site, there is a sumptuous panorama over Talloires bay and the whole of Lake Annecy (large and small lakes).

If you are religious, you can bring a candle, a prayer that you can leave in the cave.

It is a small place a bit mystical that can be visited on your way to Col de la Forclaz https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/col-de-la-forclaz/ , Angon Waterfall  https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/angon-waterfall/ or if you are near Talloires.

For more informations regarding Hermitage St Germain https://www.talloires-lac-annecy.com/fr/explorer/patrimoine-historique/87-l-ermitage-de-saint-germain-sur-talloires

Below the Church of St Germain

Below the Belvedère of the Vierge

Below the Cave

The Panoramic view from St Germain