Le P’tit Zinc

According to some people, Le P’tit Zinc could be the oldest restaurant in Annecy’s Old Town. And it has for sure an “old bistrot” atsmophere and is perfectly located.

The menu has local fish and local cheese dishes (they are buying the cheese in one of the best cheese shop in Town). So you will find some French classic meals and some local specialities too.

There, you can enjoy frog legs (with garlic and butter) honestly it is very tasty ( a mix between fish and chicken) but messy to eat, definitely worth trying, I love it but I am French! Also available, the famous Entrecôte Paris style, the fish filet de perches sauce tartare, goat cheese salad with honey, the local Tartiflette (reblochon cheese and potatoes), the mushroom fondue, diots (sausages) cooked with white wine also a vegan Tartiflette.

Most restaurants in France are closed on Mondays but this one is open!

It is in a the touristic area so a bit expensive but you are near Pont Morens.

For more information about Le P’tit Zinc and updated menu please check on their website http://www.ptitzinc.fr/

After a lovely meal you can enjoy a digestive walk https://www.taxi-massingy.com/en/walk-in-the-old-town/  or walk up to the Castle.