Refuge du Semnoz (Gruffy)

When you are on the top of the Semnoz mountain, you can park the car next to the “Courant d’Ere” restaurant and follow the path to the Refuge du Semnoz, Gruffy. You can do it any seasons, you just have to follow the signs and it will take you approximately one hour. During the winter, you do not really need snow shoes as there is a walking path.

At the refuge, the speciality is Baugiflette (potatoes gratin with Tome des Bauges). They also make really nice blueberry pie and wafles.

The view from there is fantastic and on a nice day, you can see the “Bourget Lake”.

You could also spend a night at the refuge and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

The refuge is a beautiful alpine chalet with a lovely décor inside with a fireplace or you can enjoy the sun on the terrasse.

It can also be fun to walk there in the winter on a full moon, enjoy your dinner and drinks, walk back to the car with a light (but you might not even need one with the moon and snow)

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During the school holidays (winter and summer), buses are available from Annecy center with Sibra buses.

Baugiflette above